Thoughtful Change Management

Change can be hard and particularly with a business needs to make major changes to address challenges. But there is hope. Effective change management helps businesses anticipate and address their challenges with planning, forethought, communication and effective change tools. Listen to these 15 change management questions that you can answer to help guide your organization through changes.

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Organic Social Media Programs

Organic social media is still valuable in 2024, and it can help you connect with prospects, build relationships with customers, and boost sales. For your organic social media strategy to stay relevant, it is important to know the benefits and develop plans on how to incorporate organic social media Into your overall marketing program. While it appears free, it does take time and resources to effectively develop and execute this type of program. It doesn’t cost you dollars to create a profile and post content. When you can make a free profile, it makes organic social media a cost-effective marketing option, which appeals to many businesses.

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Ways to Unstick When Stuck

Whether it’s a big problem or a small issue if you keep tripping on in and can’t seem to solve or resolve the issue, you could be creatively stuck. I think we all know what it’s like to feel creatively stuck. But what is the answer or what can you do … well let’s try talking to yourself! This approach is designed to capture the mind to focus on the issue and look at it from all sides as well as use the clumsiness of conversation to get unstuck. The reason I tried and use this method is because I want to solve problems and not keep ruminating on them. I do this by speaking the problems through with different imaginary personas: course lecturer; teacher, friend, relative and so on. For each one I adopt a different conversational style, each one helping to shape and refine the problem, the idea and ultimately the solution.

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Minimizing Layoff Effects On Employees

While laying off people might seem like an easy approach to cutting costs.  And, doing the act as quickly as possible will provide a path to move forward.  Think again because layoffs cause all types of disruptions to your remaining employees and good chance, they will start looking for employment elsewhere. Mass layoffs affect not only those who lose their jobs, but also those who stay behind.

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