Making some decisions can be hard.

We make decisions everyday that affect all parts of our lives. Some decisions are easy such as what we are having for breakfast and some decisions are life changing such as do I leave my job or do I change or add this new supplier. Taking the time to make good decisions especially the decisions that impact our well being, family, company, and team matter. The following are points to be aware of as you make your decisions.

Past experiences

Sometimes the past has a way of sneaking into the present and affecting decisions.

Whether that’s simply because something you see jogs your memory, difficult emotions related to past experiences are triggered and float to the surface, or you simply float down memory lane. To a certain degree, past experiences good or bad are included and can influence your decisions. And, to a degree, that is normal and expected and part of the human condition. However, if it takes over our time, it can be difficult to focus in the moment. Think about it—is there anything in your past that could be impeding you from making a good decision. Or, could it be helping you resolve a decision in the moment.

Cognitive biases

Beliefs are our lenses through which we see the world – they take on particular shades and filter our perspective. Beliefs can either help pave the way for success or obscure the path. Are your beliefs serving you? Maybe, there are some that could use a little re-framing to help you make decisions from a centered and more empathetic place.

Individual differences

We are all different and whether you sense it is age, gender or who people are at in their core, all of our unique experiences shape our thoughts and then our decisions. Whether it’s age, gender, or who we are at your core, our unique experiences shape our thoughts and therefore our decisions.

We know that cultural norms change year to year and decade to decade and have a huge influence on how we perceive ourselves and the world. Think about what cultural and/or societal messages shape the decisions you make,

Belief in personal Relevance and Self Worth

This one is a stickler. You’ve heard about self-efficacy. Self efficacy is how you see yourself and what you believe you are capable of. This is either a determinant to your path and therefore your decisions.

The good news is that self-efficacy is like a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. And the stronger your self-efficacy, the greater the likelihood that the decisions you make will reflect your greatest potential and those of others. How do you practice self-efficacy?

Henry David Thoreau : “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

David Richo, author: “What we are not changing, we are choosing.” Something to take to heart and really think about. Think about it.

Life offers choices choices and choices and the need to make decisions.

Take the time to think about where you are, where you are going and what is influencing you in your business and personal decisions.