When you speak, you want your words to be memorable and remembered.

Several keys to making your communications more memorable include:

  • Eliminate excess words that aren’t essential to your message.  Choose your words carefully.
  • Avoid acronyms or jargon that your audience may not understand.  It detracts from your message and can cause your audience to turn off.
  • Incorporate active verbs which increase the power of your message and denote action. Use active words rather than passive words and avoid verbs like make, take, give and have, which can take away from the power of your message.
  • Be straightforward.  Phrases like “it seems to me” or “it appears”  communicate uncertainty and weakness.
  • Keep the message simple and don’t try to incorporate too many topics.
  • And, when you have made your point, stop.  I have seen so many speakers make a good point and then go on and on to make and remake the point that the audience either turns off or gets irritated.