Oh boy!! how many times have you heard someone refer to themselves as a social media manager or social media “expert” and you wonder what that means.  Okay, they manage the social media online presence for you or your company but what exactly qualifies someone to be a social media manager.  If you subscribe to the theory that it takes 10,00o hours doing something to become an expert than that really disqualifies almost everyone.

However, there are traits that are really important when you are looking for a social media manager.

1. Curious.  I am naturally curious about every aspect of my client’s business which helps me to identify and gather appropriate information from different areas of my client’s business in order to develop engaging communication.  So, a good social manager needs to be able to work with and gather information from various areas of your business and then focus on what is engaging, interesting and helpful to your target audience.

2. Writes well.  Your communication should not sound like regular marketing or advertising messages but more conversational.  The idea is to develop and present content that opens up a dialogue between your business and you customers and even, ideally, between your customers.

3.  Understands urgency and moves that way.  Not too fast (watch for typos, grammar etc.) but if a question or comment is posted on Twitter or Facebook answer it right away. Consumers expect immediacy and aren’t willing to wait 24-48 hours to get a response.

4) Understands and can communicate your company’s protocol and guidelines and writes with a consistent voice and one your company agrees with.

5) Thoroughly understands your business and related goals. All content must support your business goals.  Which means you have to share and make sure that your social media manager is totally up to speed and kept in the loop when business goals change.

6) Creates editorial calendar. A calendar outlining the next 30-60 days of posts distributed to key members is very useful.  It will help your team tie business goals to your social media program.

7) Works well with others.  Your social media manager needs to be able to work with others and have others work well with them.  They need to be proactive and not reactive checking with department heads and executive team members.

8) Fully understands and respects confidentiality.  You need to trust your social media manager. And, they have to know explicitly what can and can not be shared.  Don’t assume anything.  Your social media manager needs to understand and have the maturity to not share and to know that “when in doubt” do not share until confirmation is made you or the members of your organization you designate.

If you find these skills you could have a good mix and a strong social media presence