Jargon, Buzzwords, Idioms, Acronyms–Huh?

Using jargon, buzzwords, idioms or terminology associated with marketing can sometimes leave your audience confused. If the audience doesn't understand what you are presenting they could outright reject your ideas or put barriers in place that derails the project or idea.

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The Importance of Building Community

Businesses can and should build strong customer communities. Give your customers a purpose for choosing your company, provide a sense of belonging and being heard and respected all which leads to building a stronger brand.

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Create a Learning Culture

Psychologists find that when we admit we were wrong, it doesn’t make us look less competent but it rather displays honesty and a willingness to learn. Is your organization creating a culture of learning and working on become better by challenging and trying new processes or systems.? In this podcast, I cover ways to become a learning, more successful organization.

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Your Own Balanced Wheel

The Wheel of Life has 8 sections, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. Whether you are building a business or in a job and working hard maintaining balance can often go to the wayside and we (and I am referring to me too!) focus on one or two things and then wonder why our stress level is so high, we are constantly tired or exhausted.  

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8 Attributes of a Healthy Project Team 

Change is happening.  Change in the we work and interact, technology, customers, and competitors. If you are not changing the way you work as a team you could be moving backwards.  Unleash the potential in your team to get the most out of your teams and create a healthy, happy team.

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6 Steps to Creating Great Content

A Simple step-by-step process to help easily create meaningful, insightful and helpful content for your target audience. Started by making a list and keeping track of the questions that your customers/clients or potential customers are already asking.

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Why is a Content Strategy Really Necessary?

Because it is the foundation of your marketing program and by creating quality branded content and posting that across your applicable media outlets you can deliver a consistent message...

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