Creating Successful Experiences with a Consultant

Hiring consultants is big business and can take a chunk of your budget. The return on all that advice not only depends on the consultant you hire but also depends on who and how the advice will be received. Both parties, the consultant and the company leaders involved, need to work together to assure that dollars spent are spent wisely. Start by clearly defining your issue. The more precise your company is in knowing what is needed the more precise and helpful the consultant you hire can be. Take the time to work with the outside consultant and listen with an open mind to  ideas, recommendations or counsel comes from the outside source.

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5 Steps to Productive Meetings

More times then I can count, I hear individuals complain about spending too much time in meetings. I agree this can happen. But there are ways to make meetings productive. In this podcast, I outline 5 easy ways to not only make your meetings more productive and get your action plan in place lending to a successful project outcome.

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8 Steps to Creating Your Online Course

Online courses are popular and even more so now with Covid19 restrictions/changes. And creating online courses require time, effort and resources. So knowing how to effectively create an online course that is beneficial, helpful and makes you a profit is crucial. Listen to this podcast for 8 steps to creating your own online course.

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What Characteristics Identify Your Audience? Part 2

In this podcast, we describe the remaining 6 categories that define the types of personality traits combined with the basic human motivations. Why should you care? we use these in branding to define more closely and with greater focus who we are trying to reach and what might resonate more effectively with that group. This approach can also bring the consumer to a more human, personal group. And a better understanding of the consumers wants, needs, and desires.

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Identifying Branding Archetypes – Part 1

In this podcast. we identify 12 branding rchetype categories that relate to the types of audience categories.  In this first podcast, we explain the first 6 archetype categories with key information that surrounds this category.  Branding archetypes are mental frameworks that symbolize the common human motivations, as well as drives, desires, and goals surrounding each group. These categories are loosely based on the work of psychologist, Carl Jung, who identified 12 major personality archetypes.

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4 Steps to Creating More Effective Content

Sometimes just getting back to basics is a really great idea. It is with content creation, This podcast includes 4 key questions that you can answer to develop more effective content. Content can be easy to create but unless it delights your customers and potential customers it might just either not be worth the cost of resources to create or move in the opposite direction and turn those people off to finding other solutions to their problems.

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Rating Your Customer Response

Never had I ever heard or seen any marketing messaging spoken or written that describes a company of having anything but excellent or award winning or whatever positive adjective describing stellar customer service. And, many times I am disappointed in the actual customer service experience.

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Steps and Strategies to Sell Your Ideas

To combat the inevitable skeptics and naysayers or those who the "not invented here" is the first response,  we are sharing strategies and steps to help you more effectively sell your big ideas.  And, get your ideas approved and implemented.

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Process to Build Your Own Effective Stories

Storytelling is an art that can be learned with the right process, defined steps, and a tried and true formula. This process is worth mastering for your business and your customers. Use effective stories to bring people together and inspire action and response.

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