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Jacalyn Holsted is the president of On Point Thinking. She produces a weekly podcast “On Point Conversations” and blog posts surrounding marketing, content strategy, communicating and team building in the Covid19 environment. She has held positions as a VP Client Services for several marketing agencies and consulted for Microsoft, Genie Industries, Hewlett Packard as well as a large range of small to medium size companies. A seasoned consultant and content strategist, she provides a wide range of consulting surrounding marketing, content creation and distribution, communications and team building.

7 Steps to Effective Organizational Change

In my experience, change and that is almost any change is hard.  Organizational changes are especially challenging.  Take the time to listen to my 7 Steps to help you in the process of incorporating viable, effective organizational changes.

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Building Your Online Presence

Monitor, manage and enhance our online brand reputation.    Why do you want to do this?  Because it is a way to make sure your business represented the way you want it to be represented, and your customers are getting a good impression of who you are and what you do.

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Under the Influence?

Years ago, when collaborating with influencers was a novelty, all it took for a campaign to become successful was for the influencer to talk about the company’s product or service in an article, blog post or video.  Times have changed! Due to the efficiency and benefits of influencer marketing and its win-win nature, the market has become over saturated.   That is not to say that its effectiveness has decreased.   However, this type of marketing can be quite costly.  In this podcast, listen to 5 steps to build your influencer marketing program while keeping your budget in check.

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The Covid Effect on Digital Marketing

Covid has not only affected daily living but it has driven a further, expanded digital shift. With that shift comes the need for leaders in companies to fully understand the customers' needs and develop those relationships in an online, digital world. No more excuses and no more going back to the total or partial one on one sales experience. This also lends to more competition with customers being able to do far more research with more companies. Act now or lose your place.

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Marketing Messages that Spur Action

For those familiar, there is a fear-based marketing approach. It is the use of consumers' fears to motivate them to purchase a product or contribute to a cause. Fear based marketing is as old as marketing and advertising itself. The key is using a fear based message sparingly and ethically to help consumers understand what your company does to actually help them.

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Navigating the Next Phase of Working Environments

Forbes 2022 Global Culture Report demonstrates significant shifts that are affecting how work is accomplished and to what degree companies create and develop great work. Employee engagement has dropped by 18% over the last year. What do employers need to do? Offer work flexibility including remote and hybrid, encourage leaders to connect with employees and increase meaningful recognition of employee strengths and contributions.

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Creating Successful Experiences with a Consultant

Hiring consultants is big business and can take a chunk of your budget. The return on all that advice not only depends on the consultant you hire but also depends on who and how the advice will be received. Both parties, the consultant and the company leaders involved, need to work together to assure that dollars spent are spent wisely. Start by clearly defining your issue. The more precise your company is in knowing what is needed the more precise and helpful the consultant you hire can be. Take the time to work with the outside consultant and listen with an open mind to  ideas, recommendations or counsel comes from the outside source.

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A Picture is Good, but a Story is Better.

We live in a visual world with visual media and audience preferences for visual content.  But what is behind or related to the visual is important too.  It is the story! Because the story shares more about the visual, offers an interpretation and helps make ideas easier to remember.

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5 Steps to Productive Meetings

More times then I can count, I hear individuals complain about spending too much time in meetings. I agree this can happen. But there are ways to make meetings productive. In this podcast, I outline 5 easy ways to not only make your meetings more productive and get your action plan in place lending to a successful project outcome.

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