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Jacalyn Holsted is the president of On Point Thinking. She produces a weekly podcast “On Point Conversations” and blog posts surrounding marketing, content strategy, communicating and team building in the Covid19 environment. She has held positions as a VP Client Services for several marketing agencies and consulted for Microsoft, Genie Industries, Hewlett Packard as well as a large range of small to medium size companies. A seasoned consultant and content strategist, she provides a wide range of consulting surrounding marketing, content creation and distribution, communications and team building.

Jargon, Buzzwords, Idioms, Acronyms–Huh?

Using jargon, buzzwords, idioms or terminology associated with marketing can sometimes leave your audience confused. If the audience doesn't understand what you are presenting they could outright reject your ideas or put barriers in place that derails the project or idea.

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The Importance of Building Community

Businesses can and should build strong customer communities. Give your customers a purpose for choosing your company, provide a sense of belonging and being heard and respected all which leads to building a stronger brand.

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Create a Learning Culture

Psychologists find that when we admit we were wrong, it doesn’t make us look less competent but it rather displays honesty and a willingness to learn. Is your organization creating a culture of learning and working on become better by challenging and trying new processes or systems.? In this podcast, I cover ways to become a learning, more successful organization.

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Making Impactful Changes

In this podcast, I cover ways to make impactful changes by working within your teams as an effective leader who incorporates others opinions and uses listening and question asking skills to develop implementable solutions. Psychologists find that admitting, as leaders, we are wrong doesn't make us look weak or less competent. It shows we are being honest and willing to learn and change processes for the betterment of the organization and not to enhance our personal self worth.

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How to Develop Think Again Skills?

Listen to this podcast IF you are interested in working on your rethinking skills. I discuss the top 9 points that help individuals incorporate the habit of thinking again. This topic includes 3 top categories including developing the rethinking habit, calibrating your confidence level and inviting others to thoughtfully question your ideas.

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Is Your Company Culture Customer Focused?

Being focused on the customer means more than just providing good customer service. A customer focused company creates a culture so that every strategic business decision is based on the needs and wants of the customer. In this podcast, we cover ways to start or refine your customer focused mission for better customer retention and loyalty.

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Is Your Clock Running Backwards?

If you had a clock that was running backwards, it would be easy to see that a change was necessary. However as leaders, we often need to make changes to systems, processes, procedures and change can be difficult. In this podcast, I discuss 10 reasons that change is resisted and how leaders can understand and work around the resistance to change.

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Giving Your Audience Content “Treats”

To build and keep your audience, your company needs a solid content marketing strategy and program. Use this opportunity to provide free, valuable content that your audience wants and looks forward to seeing and reading. A content “treat”.

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Making Your Meetings Productive

Get to the point in meetings by starting with an agenda that includes the meeting purpose and ending with a well-designed action plan so you can track and get to your real goals.  Use the tools identified in this blog post to setup your action plan and agenda for meetings.

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