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Jacalyn Holsted is the president of On Point Thinking. She produces a weekly podcast “On Point Conversations” and blog posts surrounding marketing, content strategy, communicating and team building in the Covid19 environment. She has held positions as a VP Client Services for several marketing agencies and consulted for Microsoft, Genie Industries, Hewlett Packard as well as a large range of small to medium size companies. A seasoned consultant and content strategist, she provides a wide range of consulting surrounding marketing, content creation and distribution, communications and team building.

Identifying Branding Archetypes – Part 1

In this podcast. we identify 12 branding rchetype categories that relate to the types of audience categories.  In this first podcast, we explain the first 6 archetype categories with key information that surrounds this category.  Branding archetypes are mental frameworks that symbolize the common human motivations, as well as drives, desires, and goals surrounding each group. These categories are loosely based on the work of psychologist, Carl Jung, who identified 12 major personality archetypes.

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4 Steps to Creating More Effective Content

Sometimes just getting back to basics is a really great idea. It is with content creation, This podcast includes 4 key questions that you can answer to develop more effective content. Content can be easy to create but unless it delights your customers and potential customers it might just either not be worth the cost of resources to create or move in the opposite direction and turn those people off to finding other solutions to their problems.

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Rating Your Customer Response

Never had I ever heard or seen any marketing messaging spoken or written that describes a company of having anything but excellent or award winning or whatever positive adjective describing stellar customer service. And, many times I am disappointed in the actual customer service experience.

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Supporting Yourself and Others

As business leaders, owners, and team members, sometimes we need support or help.  And there is no problem asking for it. Sometimes, we have been led to believe that asking for support is a sign of weakness, but the weakness comes in failing because of not asking for what you need.

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The Fog that Influences Decisions

Making some decisions can be hard. We make decisions everyday that affect all parts of our lives. Some decisions are easy such as what we are having for breakfast and some decisions are life changing such as do I leave my job or do I change or add this new supplier. Taking the time to make good decisions especially the decisions that impact our well being, family, company, and team matter. The following are points to be aware of as you make your decisions.

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Steps and Strategies to Sell Your Ideas

To combat the inevitable skeptics and naysayers or those who the "not invented here" is the first response,  we are sharing strategies and steps to help you more effectively sell your big ideas.  And, get your ideas approved and implemented.

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Process to Build Your Own Effective Stories

Storytelling is an art that can be learned with the right process, defined steps, and a tried and true formula. This process is worth mastering for your business and your customers. Use effective stories to bring people together and inspire action and response.

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Benefits and Steps to Active Listening

Developing active listening skills to get the most out of conversations and presentations making you not only more confident but more valuable to your organization and team. Practical ideas and ways to practice the art of active listening.

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