“Jacalyn’s involvement in our non-profit fundraising event led to a significant increase in participants and profits which were our primary goals. She directed website content, social media efforts and email blasts directed at prospective attendees. Her attention to detail and follow-up were essential to our event being successful and also pointed out ways we can improve in the future. I can highly recommend her for anyone looking to promote the growth of an event similar to ours or growing their company.”

Carl Peterson
Rotary Club of Issaquah

“Jacalyn Holsted is a great leader, a talented individual contributor and a wonderful person. She served in senior management positions at WilburGroup as we served major brand clients like Hewlett-Packard. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in communications, branding and marketing. She is an experienced team leader, strategist and manager. She brings clarity and direction to assignments for which she is responsible. Most importantly, she gets the job done and ensures that the client is satisfied. I would unequivocally recommend her for any position in which the previously described skills and abilities would be an asset.”

Ron Wilbur
CEO Luminor (successor to CreativeWorks and WilburGroup)

“I worked with Jacalyn as my account services partner at Herring/Newman Advertising and I found her to be an exceptional talent. Jacalyn is much more than an account manager.  She knows how to blend the expertise of marketing professionals with the client’s vision. She was a reliable steward of the client’s interests through the evolving intricacies of any marketing campaign. This is the result, at least in part, of the fact that she is a highly-skilled observer and can parse the tangled opportunities and challenges of a competitive landscape like few marketers I know.

Having worked with Jacalyn on both international campaigns and highly targeted startups, I’ve always been impressed with her ability to customize marketing activities to match the client’s resources. I would highly recommend Jacalyn. “

Bruce Bulloch
Communications Strategist,  Open Boat Advertising (Herring Newman)