About Jacalyn Holsted

Following an extensive career in marketing project and account management with a variety of large technology companies, I started OnPoint Thinking to fulfill my mission of working collaboratively with clients, of all sizes, to create customized marketing systems and messages that not only develop meaningful conversations but are easy to manage. Connecting is a common term used, in marketing, to talk at potential consumers.  Whereas, connections, to be effective, finds the right people that a company needs and wants to talk with and the confidence of knowing what this audience wants to hear and how the service or products benefits them. 

The marketing environment is always evolving. It is an evolving environment requiring flexibility, creativity and business and communications strategies setting in motion the right direction to follow.

Thriving businesses cost effectively develop quality content with an integrated organized system to get the content distributed that is easy to manage. 

Keys include understanding your market and your audience and then creating effective, consistent content that cuts through the clutter, targets the right audience with the right message in the right mediums.

This is the most effective way to develop trust, take away confusion, more effectively and powerfully communicate, increase efficiency, and save marketing dollars. As well as having all while building a healthy, strong company.

At OPT, we know how to fit seamlessly into your team.  We add insight and structure without getting in the way.  Offering personal service, flexibility, customized solutions in a lean and cost-effective way.   While designing, developing and delivering customer experiences that delight and capture heart, mind and spirit.

We work to grow our clients’ businesses with delighted customers ready to be your extended sales force…telling family, friends and others about their experience.

We find out who they are, where they are, where they need your help and develop executable recommendations, plans and experiences to develop that customer experience. 

It’s fast, fun, serious, and in a good way can be surprising.  And with transparency and honestly, we provide you our fresh, executable recommendations, path finding recommendations ways and resources to get things done.